Describe the term “Social Development.”

Socail Development:

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Development is actually positive change, growth, addition of physical, economic, environmental, and social components in inherent capacity of human society. The basic purpose of development is improvement in quality and level of life without any demage in the resources of environment or society. Social development is most important factor of a better society.

Definitions of social development:

According to Bilance, “Social development is the prompotion of a sustainable society that is worthy of human dignity by empowering marginalized groups, women and men, to undertake their own development, to improve their social and economic position and to acquire their rightful place in society.”

Amartya Sen says that, “Social development is equality of social opportunities.”

It means a group of people living in a society have right to gain all apportunities of life equally to improve thier standard of lives.

According to M. s. Gore’s point of view “Social Development is inclusive economic development but it emphasizes the development of society in totally that is, in its economic, political, social and cultural aspects.”

Social development covers all aspects of a society to develop a good relationship of people with the resources of society, so that people can enjoy the resources in best way to rise the level of society.

In the broadest sense, Social development significes all aspects of development that are of collective nature parenting to the society as a whole. In the narrower sense, it would be used with reference to th human welfare aspects of development, which is improving the quality of life and more equitable distribution of material and cultural goods.

So, in a more decisive mode, James Midgley described Social Development as a,”process of planned social change designed to promote the well-being of the population as a whole in conjunction with a dynamic process of economic development.”

In past days the Social Development was considered as only economic development, to rise the prosperity through increase in production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. But in last century, because of decolonization of many states from British rule, plethora of theories in social sciences, inventions and unmatchable advancements in technology and explanation of development were totally changes.

The Copenhagen Social Summit gave a right based orientation of social development. It defined social development in terms of three basic categories;


  • Poverty Eradication
  • Employment Generation
  • Social Harmony

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