Common goals and features of Social Development

The basic criteria helps in shaping the common goals and features of social development such as:

  • Improvements in living conditions
  • Complexity of social dynmics
  • Structural transformation
  • Development of capacities
  • Holistic approach
  • Continuous and sustainable process
  • Ecologically oriented process
  • Prioritizing human needs
  • Norms and conversations

The description of above mentioned goals is given below;

social development

Improvements in living conditions:

Social development refers to the improvements in living conditions and quality of life. So that people of that society can enjoy their lives.

Complexity of social Dynamics:

Basically social development refers to the complexity of social Dynamics which is the interplay of social structures, processes and relationships.

Structural transformation:

Social development may be used in connection with structural transformation in society seeking changes in the System of stratification and in degree of mobility.

Development of capacities:

It is a method by which people can be assisted to develop themselves on their own capacities and resources.

Holistic approach:

Social development represents a holistic approach which means it is non static and process oriented approach. Purpose of social development is to improve the social and material well being of society.

Continuous and sustainable process:

It is continuous and sustainable process. It refers to social, economic, cultural and political development in given society, community or a group.

Ecologically oriented process:

The goal of social development in the context of modern welfare is to produce a social well being that makes people capable of acting and making their own decisions in the broadest sense. It is also right based and ecologically oriented.

Prioritizing human needs:

Social development is a method of prioritizing human needs in the growth and progression of society.

Norms and conventions:

Social development also governs the norms and conventions that govern human interaction.

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