How to deal with emotional eating?

Emotional eating:

Emotional eating is the practice of consuming large quantity of food_usually junk foods, in response to feelings instead of hunger. Today i will tell you “How to deal with emotional eating?”

Physical hunger vs Emotional eating

Physical HungerEmotional Eating
It develops slowly over time.It comes about suddenly / abruptly.
Desire a variety of food groups.Crave only certain foods.
Cause sensation of fullness and take it as cue to stop eating.You may binge on food and not feel sensation of fullness.
It does not include negative feelings about eating.Feel guilt or shame about eating.

By following these steps you will overcome your emotionl stress.

Step-1 Give right kind of fuel to your body:

Take 5-6 small meals instead of 2-3 large meals. This will regulate your blood sugar level and keep you away from binge eating.

Step-2 Eat Good carbohydrates:

Eat complex carbohydrates like whole grain cereals, fruits, vegetables. And avoid simple carbohydrates like white sugar, white rice, white bread etc. Because simple carbohydrates suddenly increases insulin level and drops blood sugar level. Hence body release hunger hormone (ghrelin).

Step-3 Manage your stress:

I know it is very difficult to manage , but its not impossible. You can manage it, if you take time to appreciate your hardwork and give yourself permission to relax. Try some kind of exercise instead of eating. Take deep breathing. Try massaging your shoulders. Drink water.

Step-4 Stop the triggers:

Do not put those things near you or in your fridge that cause craving in you.

Step-5 Re-train your brain:

Try to establish new habits. Find something to replace your old habits.

Step-6 Talk with a friend:

Everyone needs that one person, they call him when they are in problem. Share with a friend, he will help you in your problem.

Step-7 Be OK with being Human:

None of us is perfect. Don’t be worried about your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and correct yourself.

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