7- Reasons which create negative thoughts:

Negative thoughts are basically a process of worst thinking about everything which creates stress and restlessness in life. Here are 7- Reasons which create negative thoughts:

7 reasons of negative thoughts:

7- reasons which create negaative thoughts are following;

1.Try to find Perfectionism:

When you try to be perfect and achieve something that is not literally attainable, it will fell you less successful and lead towards negative thoughts.


2.Judgemental about yourself:

when you judge yourself according to audience, you will mostly focus on negative characteristics in yourself which makes your thoughts negative.

3.Self doubts:

It is basically like a deep rooted tree which has great influence on thoughts. When you are not clear about youself. It can take over your life if you don’t try to remove its roots on time.

4.Assume worst will happen:

It is common saying that your thoughts become your actions. If you think negative about what is going to be happen. it will happen worst which kills your hope.

5.To be Worried:

If you remain worried about everything. It changes nothing except your health and mental state. Which prevents you to be happy and calm. It creats negative thoughts which kills your restness.


When you focus on the negative things, your thoughts become negative. It means you are setting yourself up for never being happy. You will become frustated person.

7.Trying to control everything:

Naturally human depends on eachother for happy and peaceful life. We have to make compromises. But if you want to control everything according to your own point of view, it is impossible. You will be failed and disappointed which leads you towards negativity. It will cause unhappy and disappointed life.

These neagative thoughts effect human life and can cause failure. which effects society as a whole. So it is very important to overcome or kill these thoughts for a happy and peaceful life.


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