Top 12 tips for healthy weight loss

Maintainance of weight is very necessary for proper health. Here are top 12 tips for healthy weight loss:


1.Drink minimum 8 cups of water daily:

Water can be very helpful for weight loss. Because it is 100% calorie free and help you burn more calories and may even suppress your appetite, if consumed 30 minutes before meal.

2.Eat more vegetables:

Vegetables provide fewer calories but they contain more soluble fiber. Soluble fiber increases the feeling of fullness and reduce overeating of an individual.

3.Eat healthy fats:

Healthy fat can quell your appetite and cut the number of calories you eat in a day. As well as these fats improve your heart health, reduce cholesterol and decrease the risk of heart diseases.

4.Eat whole grains:

Whole grains contain soluble fiber, cause feeling of fullness and reduce the calorie intake. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

5.Measure everything:

Measure your food intake as well as your body weight. This will give you more encouragement and motivation towards weight loss.

6.Take a meal on time:

You should take your every meal on time. Do not skip any meal because it will cause overeating in next meal and disturb your body’s biological rhythm.

7.Use smaller plates:

Use smaller plates while eating. This will reduce the portion sizes and limit the intake of calories.

8.Eat healthy snacks:

Snacks are very important for maintainance of weight. Choose a healthy snack between the meals. A healthy snack can decrease your hunger and avoid overeating at meal time. If you want to know about healthy snack ideas click on the link below:

9.Chew slowly:

Some studies show that chewing food slowly can reduce the caloric intake and increase the production of hormones that are linked to weight loss.

10.Add protein in your meals:

Eating protein diet increases or boosts metabolism and causes weight lose of an individual.

11.Exercise regurally:

Do exercise regularly, 30-40 minutes of moderate intensity exercise is required for weight loss.

12.Get proper sleep:

7-9 hours of sleep is very important for healthy body weight.

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