Natural and Healthy Tips for Weight Gain:

There are many people who are skinny or underweight and they want to gain weight. Here are some natural and healthy tips for weight gain:

Eat more frequently:

Eat three major meals and three snacks instead of eating only three large meals. And take every meal on time.

Note: Do not drink water during eating because water dilutes the gastric juices and interfere with the digestion of food. So drink water 20-30 minutes before meals or 1-2 hours after meal for proper digestion of food.

Choose energy dense and nutrients dense foods:

These includes whole grain cereals, breads and pastas. Fruits and vegetables, whole milk dairy products, lean proteins, nuts and seeds, fats and oils are also included.

healthy foods for weight gain

Try shakes and smoothies:

Drink healthy shakes and smoothies made with whole milk and fresh fruits and added with ground flaxseeds, almonds or other nuts.

Consider the time of drink:

Do not take liquid and solid foods together because liquids hinders the digestion and absorption of solids. So take liquid foods 30 minutes before or 1 hour after solid foods.

Add extras:

Add extras in your recipes for increasing calories. Like add olive oil or cheese in a scrambled eggs or in omelette. Make a beans salad with added cheese or cream. Add nuts and seeds in smoothies and shakes. Eat yogurt with added nuts, seed or granulabar. Make a cheese sandwich or add cheese on friench fries and mashed potatoes. Add milk cream in coffee. Milk cream and cheese both can be added in pastas.

Take a Quality sleep:

Quality sleep is very important for the proper growth of muscles in our body. So take minimum 8 hours deep and quality sleep and do exercise regularly for healthy body weight.

Be persistent:

Be persistent because our body resist the changes and take time to accept changes. So be patience untill your body adapted for changes.

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