For weight loss: Diet or exercise?

For weight loss Diet and exercise both are very important and maintain Healthy weight of an individual.


Diet or Food is a crucial part of our life. Important thing is, we should consider and add all food groups while making our meal. If we skip one food group ultimately this will effect our health. For example if a person eat more meat products and skip fruits and vegetables. This will effect his heart health and cause many problems like CVD and HTN. On the other hand if he skips meat group he will face deficiencies of vit B12, Iron, protein and Zinc.

Vegetables and fruits contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber as well as antioxidants and phytonutrients. If someone skip vegetables and fruits group. He or she will be more prone to weight gain and digestive tract diseases like constipation, diverticulitis and hemorrhoids.

Due to skipping of Milk and milk products an individual face deficiencies of calcium and phosphorus. That will leads towards low bone mineral density and cause osteoporosis.

An individual who eats more fats and fatty foods. He or she can face problems of keto acidosis (acidity in blood) and high cholesterol level in body.

Hence every food group has its own importance. We should include moderate amount of all food groups in our each meal for proper health and Healthy weight.

food groups


Exercise is also very important for our health and Healthy weight. But for weight loss only low to moderate intensity exercise is Best. 20minutes moderate intensity exercise is required for breakdown of one fat droplet. In intense exercise more water and carbohydrates are consumed. It will cause dehydration and increase appetite of an individual. Because of water loss deficiencies of water soluble vitamins occurs and it can cause hair fall of an individual. After an intense exercise he or she will eat more and eventually body weight increases.

Moderate intensity exercise includes:

  • Walking and jogging
  • Dancing
  • House works
  • Gardening


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